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Monday, March 22, 2010

definition of loser

It is extremely unfortunate that society determines whether or not someone's a loser based primarily on their profession, or lack thereof.

In reality, however, let me reassure you that I've met plenty o' losers with jobs, good jobs. I think the only difference with the employed losers is that they have more stuff to hide behind. After all, would a certified loser dress well, have their own car, condo? Answer: YES.

Despite what the dictionary definition may be, the determining factor of who's a loser/not is their personality+attitude. To me, a true loser doesn't think highly of themselves. It has nothing to do with their race, religion, appearance, manner of dress, possessions, or profession.

If someone feels like a loser simply because they feel as though society has labeled them, DON'T. Whether or not they're a loser is truly within themselves and not anyone else.

Aside: A month ago, I entered a writing contest. I told myself that I didn't care whether or not I placed, but it was just my goal to submit an entry, written to the best of my ability. Now, my perspective has shifted: I want to win, not only for myself, but for people deemed "losers" by society. These are my peeps!

If there happens to be a whack loada talented writers in Ontario and I lose, then fine. I accept the odds, but I refuse to be a loser in life!


posted by Stephania at 2:06 pm
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