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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What an effin' boring job!

To start the New Year off right, I'm callin' 'round for auto insurance quotes. :)

Out of all the errands, I believe this is the grossest 1 yet!!! It's definitely up there with buying new pants/jeans...blech.

My insurance is up, I'm always lookin' for ways to cinch up that wallet on dumb things, I don't like getting ripped off, so I'm doing some comparative shopping!

I did the whole, almost as equally painful, online process where they ask you all these questions just short of your blood type. However, I went that 1 step beyond 'cause I heard that phone quotes, non-broker were supposed to be cheaper. Yes, we've already explored the possibility that I may be a masochist.

ANYWAY, calling various insurance companies is just slightly worse than the online thing 'cause it actually involves human communication. If you were a victim of the post 1994/95 Graduated Licensing scam in the province of Ontario, then be prepared to know what month/year you received your G1/G2/G. It's absolutely ridiculous! Hush, but I just fudged mine.

Most of the time I know that I want to be a writer when I grow-up, but for those times that I drift and think about other professions, being an insurance broker is definitely NOT one of the possibilities!!!

OMG, I think I'm officially an Asian zombie.


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