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Monday, December 07, 2009

Poor Mindy!

Not that I'm even trying to hide it, but I'm absolutely taken by Tiger and his growing harem.

Afraid that I'll miss a beat, I fall asleep with the news on. I scour various websites for the latest on "the other women". Each snippet is like a lick on my clit - I just can't get enough!

One particular mistress that has tugged on my heartstrings is 34yo Perkins waitress, Mindy Lawton. Pictured here, during a more carefree time in her life, Mindy appears to be enjoying the Holidays as every young woman should.

Now, Mindy's life will probably be surrounded by unrest, including the pesky paparazzi. I guess in order to assuage the media, Mindy arranged a tete-a-tete with the respectable, News Of The World. Good choice!

I'll be honest and say that when I first saw her image, I judged Mindy with a "WTF??!!". However, after reading this NOTW piece, she came off as very empathetic and carried herself like the true lady she is.

I saw what Tiger saw.

Lesson Learned: If a bagillionaire doesn't pay for your meal, it's a fucking booty call!!!

Prediction: Tiger's gonna confess that he has a 'sex addiction'. I think this is a total cop-out 'cause it basically excuses all...including his addiction to plastic women!!!


posted by Stephania at 11:12 pm
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