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Monday, December 14, 2009

eBay Jewelry Scam

First, don't try to scam Stephania by sending her chintzy jewelry. Includes giving as well. I may look like a child, but I've got the eyes of an eagle, especially when it comes to expensive shit like diamonds 'n stuff!

Anyway, I'll try to make a long story short, but consider this my PSA about preventing scams on eBay.

I purchased a ring that my mom wanted on eBay. She's an internet dum-dum, so she just picked something out and I bought it. It was just under $100 which was a steal for the gems+gold she was getting.

On the weekend, we picked it up from the post office and the band was soo thin. It was also shiny, almost too shiny and gold doesn't usually "shine". "14k" was haphazardly stamped on the interior of the band, but the auction that I won was for a 10k gold ring. The edges were quite jagged and the setting looked cheap. In addition, the colour of the gemstone was not as pictured in the auction page; the colour wasn't as vivid.

I just kept thinking to myself that it was fake. The entire thing, gems and gold. I sent a message to the seller, letting him know that I wasn't quite satisfied with the purchase as his photos looked different from the actual product. I was informed that I could return it for a refund.

Today, I look through the seller's* feedback. (While my mom was initially looking through the listings, we noticed that this seller had more than 1 account - which is a bit suspicious, but legal.) Even though he had a 99.1% rating, there were still quite a few negatives out of his 14 000+ feedback!

Some of the feedback were comments like items didn't look like the photo, ring thinner than expected, and most alarming of all, GEMS &/or GOLD WERE TESTED TO BE FAKE!!!

On a whim, I contacted the last person who left negative feedback, just to ask what her experience was like. And buyer A, that's what I'll call her, told me that she's a jewelry dealer, tested the ring with her equipment, and it came out fake. Furthermore, she sent her ring off to a GIA certified lab and they told her that everything was fake as well.

I told A that I didn't want to spend all that money getting it tested, if all I had was a piece of scrap metal in my hands. Besides, I could easily get a refund as the purchase should be covered under Paypal protection. And A, a complete stranger, offered to pay for the testing, including the postage!!!

To let the seller know that I was onto his game, I told him that I would not be sending the ring back as it's getting shipped off for testing. Why would I send it back to him, so he can resell it and scam someone else?? Imagine how much money this person is making by selling fake stuff, with 3 different seller IDs, and 14 000+ on 1 of the alone?

So here are my next steps: POST OFFICE --> GIA CERT. LAB --> RESULTS OF THE LAB TEST. I'll take it from there. Consider this a TBC...

* As soon as I prove he's a scammer, you bet I'll release his IDs details!!!


posted by Stephania at 11:12 pm
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