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Monday, November 30, 2009

What do White people always want snow?

file under: White people are weird

On the news this evening, it was a BIG DEAL that it hasn't snowed as of yet. They were going on about how it's been 100+ years since this has happened, blah, blah, blah. It was like the headline story.

Honestly? For realz? That's what it's boiled down to? Certainly there was a shooting, stabbing, beating, car accident that could've taken the place of "it hasn't snowed yet and it's the end of November" story!!!

Why do White folk always what it to snow? I mean that concept is soo in-the-box. Just because it's a certain season, doesn't necessarily mean that a specific weather pattern should take place. Aside from it getting dark too early, I'm certainly a-okay with the weather. (Lies. I'm actually pro-global warming, but that's just me!) I don't need snow to prove anything!

Don't forget that snow = buddling up in a million layers, if you're a woman, forget about your femininity - at least 'til the next season 'cause the weather will force you to dress like a man, getting ready earlier so that you can "warm up" the car, scrapping ice off your windshield, shoveling your driveway, hoping 'n praying that the salt trucks have made it out before you leave the house, putting on those winter tires so that you don't have an accident and die on the way to your dead-end job, and...is there really an advantage of snow??!! I can't think of one.

Anyways, the News/Whiteys/whomever these bizarro Snow People are should just put a cork in it before Mother Nature hears you!


posted by Stephania at 10:14 pm
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