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Monday, November 23, 2009

Paper Heart Review

I finally had the chance to watch Paper Heart (2009), a mockumentary for those cynical about love. Well, actually it follows Charlyne Yi who plays herself and her character doesn't believe in love. This is something that I can relate to.

And guess what? I really liked it! It was well-done and I wasn't as annoyed with Yi as I initially thought.

It was sorta reminiscent to those sequences in When Harry Met Sally where "real life" couples are interviewed about how they met; instead, Yi goes across the country, interviewing various people - not only couples - who talk about the concept of love. While doing this, she meets Michael Cera and they develop a quirky romance which is incorporated into the doc Yi is making.

Even though it co-starred Cera, Paper Heart managed to maintain an indie feel by inserting Yi's paper puppets to aid with the storytelling. Then again, everything that Cera does always has this low-key/no-big-dealness to it...even though he's a pretty big star.

I don't want to give out any spoilers, but there's a part where Yi goes to Cera's Brampton home to find him. I personally gotta kick outta it!

(Blooper: While driving to Cera's pad from the airport, Yi sees the CN Tower outside her window. Unless they took some big ass detour, the view of the CN Tower is impossible as Brampton is just 10 minutes shy of Pearson...not waaay downtown!)

I guess I'm not that cynical 'cause I thought it was cute! I'll go one step further, not only am I not as cynical as I originally thought, but I'm sorta reinspired to continue this whole independent filmmaking endeavor!

I love exclamation marks!!!


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