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Monday, November 16, 2009

Jimmy Choo forH&M

While I was away, I missed the Jimmy Choo launch at H&M this past Saturday, November 14th.

(I actually cannot confirm whether or not this fashion coupling happened in Canada, as we don't have the same aggressive advertising tactics here. However, there was a spread in the People mag that I picked up at the airport.)

Considering that it's H&M, the prices are on the higher side. The 'Black Pixie' leather cage shoes in the top photo are $129US. The People promo also featured a suede, one-shoulder dress for $249US - not sure how I feel about suede+dress.

Unfortunately for the vegan/vegetarian/PETA set, it seems as though the collection is heavy on the leather for all their shoes, that dress, & their handbags. :(

* * *Update: Eager to check it out, I visited the nearest H&M...yes, it was at the mall. When I asked the salesgirl about the line, this was her response, "Oh, that's only at our downtown location...we would never carry that stuff here!"* * *

I swear there's a conspiracy to oppress the 'burbs in ugly. ass. clothing!


posted by Stephania at 9:13 am
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