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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hot or Not?

Alexander Wang "Frankie" creeper combat style low boots. I believe they're Fall '09. According to one website, they're just shy of $700CAD! Whatever the cost, they're slightly out of reach for me.

I'm undecided about them. A part of me thinks "hot" 'cause they're pointy and flat. Girls, let's keep it real, heels kill! However, I do like the fact that they're tough, yet still feminine looking.

The other part thinks "not" 'cause creepers are really ugly '80s &/or reserved for people who still think that goth/raver is an acceptable style to dress in...not! Definitely not.

In any event, Frankies would probably only suit certain leg shapes. I know that sounds weird, but trust. Just because a shoe fits, doesn't mean that you should wear it or that it looks good on.

Speaking of combat boots, I want to mention that I dig guys who wear combat boots. I mean really dig.

Depending on whatelse he has goin' on, the look is comfortable-in-his-own-skin-rebel without trying too hard. As an example, please refer to photo on the right.

Remember, I do like men's shoes, so it's something that I'd notice!

Runners can look bummy. Dress shoes can look stuffy, too serious. Whereas the combat boot is a good in-between. Plus, they look better with each wear. Unless you're psycho military meticulous, this is not the kind of look that requires your black shoe polish!

Guys, pause and take a fashion note.

Mr. Wang, if you're reading, I'd like to personally test out the quality of your footwear et al. I'm a 6US (boots), 5.5US (heels), and other measurements available upon request.


posted by Stephania at 10:13 pm
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