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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Food For Thong

Aside: I really wish that I could take credit for this, but I was too lazy/forgetful/paranoid to take my camera to the beach!

Btw, this lady's bod was the direct opposite of the plentiful, exposed views: topless European women (young/old, fat/thin), sunning their tits, men, most likely European (same demographic as above) as well, who still wear Speedos, and in general, lots and lotsa fatties.

Let's just say that fat tourists isn't a "stereotype", but more of a truth. As they say, there was no safe place for my eyes to rest! Now on with the post...

I'm not a "thong girl" per se - yeast infection! - but I will wear one whenever my wardrobe calls. (I'm definitely not one of those chicks who wears low-rise jeans with a pair of bright coloured thongs stickin' out. NOT ME.) Guys, this basically translates into skirts/dresses that are either body clinging &/or made out of thin material, eg. silk, chiffon, etc.

So although my experience is rather limited, it is through this experience that I've learned that wearing a thong to bed causes the wearer to have nightmares/uncomfortable night's sleep.

Reasons for wearing a thong to sleep: Too lazy/forgetful/paranoid.


posted by Stephania at 11:26 pm
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