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Monday, November 23, 2009

No Chip?

Having a productive day, I decided to "reward" myself with a new nail polish.

After some tips from D and reading that Sally Hansen nail polishes do not contain 3 unsafe chemicals (namely DBP, Toluene, & formaldehyde), I went with their No Chip 10 Day line in Plum Pretty - it's a purpley-black.

(The higher end, $10/bottle OPI nail polishes also do not contain the above mentioned ingredients.)

Usually, within 2 days max of applying a fresh coat of nail polish, there'll be nicks in it. From Day 2 onward, the coat will gradually deteriorate 'til there's no need for the remover!

Well, I'm really gonna put Plum Pretty to the test! I just applied 2 coats on top of a clear base coat - NO top coat. And I'm gonna see if it really lasts the stated 10 Days. Will keep you posted!

A bottle of No Chip nail polish was $3.50CAD @ Walmart.

L'Oréal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

While shopping, I noticed L'Oréal's new Telescopic Explosion Mascara. The brush is pretty revolutionary at almost 360 degrees.

Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes Mascara has a similar shaped brush and I'm almost positive that it came first. However Givenchy's version retails for $28 while L'Oréal is $10CAD.

Being Asian and having typical, stick straight lashes that just grow downwards, mascara's an essential. In addition, it's also difficult for me to coat the shorter lashes in the inner/outer corners of my eyes.

I do like testing out different mascaras - with the exception of Maybelline which is definitely a no-go! - and I'll usually look for products with a smaller brush. So I wonder if L'Oréal's latest will work?


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