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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Accidental Hervé

Oh fuck. I accidentally bought another Hervé.

Story: Last night, I noticed that an auction, for a Hervé dress, was ending at an odd time. So to get some jollies, I bid for jokes. It makes me feel ALIVE!

I'm not sure when eBay instilled this, but now there is a "1-click bid" option. Basically, after you've placed a bid, you can simply click onto this link and it'll automatically increase your existing bid by 1 increment. I don't gamble, so I'm not sure what a good metaphor would be.

Sometimes I do "1-click bid" to jack up the price (for fun), other times I'm serious about winning an item. In this case, I was meh about the dress - I was just curious as to how high my co-bidder was willing to go.

With 3 minutes left, I shutdown my browser and shrieked...hoping that I wouldn't win. A while later, I see that I've lost by $5.00. Fine. Great. No harm done. More money saved. And 1 less dress that I don't have an occasion to wear.

ANYWAY, today I receive a "You have a second chance offer" email. (This is done if the winner cannot complete a transaction. Sorta like the first runner up in a pageant.) That's interesting...but how did the seller know soo quickly that the winner was unable to fulfill her duties?

I email the seller and say that I just booked a vacation, so money's a bit tight (not right;), so I'd be more inclined to purchase the dress if the shipping cost was included. (Shipping was something ridiculous like $23 from the US. Some method that has tracking, but may include a catch like paying duties 'n shit like that which homegirl's not down for!) I was totally bluffing.

And guess what? The seller accepted. FUCK!

So 'cause I'm a Leo and Leos are proud, to a fault, I now hafta buy this dress that I will probably never wear. My plan is to sell it, but will I at least break-even?

Again, I don't gamble, but keep me AWAY from casinos.

P.S. I'm also convinced that if I had the funds, I'd be buying up property...hoping to turn a profit!


posted by Stephania at 12:03 am
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