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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Could Be Bad

Today, I helped a middle-aged, Caucasian, 'burban, business man pick out his Halloween costume. He said that he was going to a "king" themed costume party.

After showing him the packaged costumes, he seemed dissatisfied, so I showed him this loud, orange/green print, oversized dashiki and half-jokingly suggested that he can go as an African king. (The get-up was actually for an African woman as it came with all sorts of wraps+headscarves.) I pushed the envelope a bit further by placing a blonde afro wig in his hands.

(Sometimes I like to test people's limits. ;))

Instead of bashfully rejecting my idea, he took both items and headed straight to the checkout!

In addition to being surprised, I was also psyched...that is 'til I saw a tube of black creme makeup in his hands. That item was definitely NOT something that I showed him.

So this guy's either gonna be the hit of the "king" themed costume party OR exposed as an utter racist. In any case, he's definitely getting laid.

Mission accomplished!

...or Really Good!


posted by Stephania at 9:22 pm
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