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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tim Finn's

"In A Minor Key" (live)

Countin' down the days 'til I can live in a major key once again. I may be a bit melodramatic, but still.

I spoke to a coworker today who said that his goal was to be like a character out of Entourage. I've never watched the show, but asked why he wanted to be a douche. He was convinced that in order to get anywhere in life, one hasta be "cocky". Furthermore, he didn't think there was a difference between "cocky" and "confident".

Since it seems like the majority of those in positions of power are assholes, I can see there being a ring of truth to my coworker's statements...if you were 20 and misguided.

Why are people soo obsessed with being someone else? What's soo scary/bad about being themselves?

8 weeks 'n counting.


posted by Stephania at 1:32 am
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