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Friday, September 18, 2009

Pacifica Perfume...love!

On the way to grab a coffee, C, M, & I got sidetracked by the Big Carrot in Greektown. I'm not one who specifically eats organic, but the store's in a cute lane way. Besides, M was curious as to how much free-range chicken costs.

Not in the market for frou-frou chicken, my interest turned to their Body Care department. It was the perfect place to unwind, get my mind off things!

For some reason, a trip to the perfume counter always cures the blahs; music used to, but I haven't found much inspiration in it as of late.

Eventually, my nose found its way to the Pacifica line of perfumes. I was particularly drawn to a scent called Hawaiian Ruby Guava. (Don't worry ladies, it's much more sophisticated than Calgon's Hawaiian Ginger!) The 1.2oz spray bottle was $26.99, while the 10g solid perfume pot was $10.99 - comparable to Body Shop prices?

Anyway, since I already have tons of spray perfumes, I thought that it would be more practical to get the solid perfume. Solid perfumes also travel better, no confiscation issues!

In hindsight though, I should've gotten the spray 'cause the solid perfume fades very quickly. I'll hafta get my sis to get me the spray.

Click here to find Pacifica in Toronto!


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