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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fear, Anxiety & Depression

No, this is not a Spike Lee joint, but rather Todd Solondz's first feature film.

In Fear, Anxiety & Depression (1989), Solondz plays a Woody Allen-type, failing playwright.
I'm not quite sure what happens next as I'm not finished watching the movie yet.

Aside: I was intrigued to find out that he had actually cast himself, in his movies, just 'cause he seems soo painfully awkward!

Finding this Solondz gem was sorta my consolation prize for missing Life During Wartime - the last part to his trilogy - which apparently played at TIFF this year.

This was news to me since TIFF = work, and not movies as far as I'm concerned! If I had known, I would've made a concerted effort to watch Life as his films soo rarely make it onto the big screen. :( I know for Palindromes, since no studio wanted to make it, Solondz supposedly spent most of his savings on it.

Despite his non-mass appeal and at times disturbing themes, I absolutely love the tone in his movies, re: Welcome To The Dollhouse, Happiness, Storytelling, etc. However, it sorta ruined things for me after I watched a featurette for Life.

After a short clip from the movie featuring Allison Janney, Janney stated that no matter how funny the dialogue was, she was directed by Solondz to play it "straight". Irony is basically the key to each and every one of his films, so hearing Janney's experience was sorta like Samson's hair had been cut off.

I guess it's a good thing that my memory's like a sieve, so I'll probably forget this detail, and continue to enjoy Solondz's work.

Case in point, from the aptly titled 1998 film, Happiness...


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