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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Convos With Crazies

"Enjoy The Silence"
I'm talking to my supervisor, when a man in his 30s, with an obvious mental challenge, interrupts...

Crazy #1: Um, do you have CDs?

Crazy #1 is standing directly in front of the CDs.

Me: Yeah, they're over there. [points]

I go back to my convo.

Crazy #1: [stuttering] Do you have this CD called Violator by Depeche Mode?

Keep in mind that I do not work at a music store.

Me: I don't know. You're just gonna hafta look through there.

Crazy #1: It has my favourite song on it, "Enjoy The Silence".

Me: I hate that song.

Considering the circumstances, I found the title of the particular song that he was searching for to be quite ironic.

"Good Destiny"
Crazy #2 returns. He is one of our 'regulars' and apparently, he's a religious fanatic. (I say apparently 'cause he hasn't preached to me personally.) Crazy #2 is a Caucasian man in his early-50s. His breath reeks of ciggies, he smells like b.o., and he always has pit stains. Sessy.

Backstory: Lately, my coworkers and I suspect that he's weened himself off his meds as he's become increasingly more crazy, talking to himself, loudly. On a coupla occasions, he's given me something to give to my "Manager" who apparently "knows who he is". One such item was a copy of The Last Patriot, but before I delivered the book, Crazy #2 pulled out his agenda, ripped out a hand-written note from it, and stuck it inside the book.

Anyway, he came in for the second time the other day and here's our convo...

Crazy #2: I'm like a boomerang, I just keep comin' back!

Me: [monotone] Lucky for us.

Crazy #2: No such thing as "luck", my friend...it's DESTINY.

Later on, Crazy #2 tells me about something that he's looking for...

Me: Good lu--

Crazy #2 looks at me.


I don't think it matters what the job is per se, but working full-time is driving me crazy! I sure hope it's not contagious.

There's another job that I wouldn't be able to handle: Orderly/Nurse at a mental institution OR psychiatrist OR anyone else who works with people with mental disorders. Mucho frustrating.


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