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Monday, September 21, 2009

Chemicals, Sweet Chemicals

During my TIFF Stint, I had the opportunity to observe Mr. Softee. Although I've revealed his "name" - couldn't think of anything more fitting - his location shall remain a secret.

Through my observations, Mr. Softee went from reading a newspaper --> serving a cone, sans the napkin holding the actual cone --> fiddling with a CD --> replenishing waffle cones with his bare hands!!!

At no time did I see him either wash or pump Purell into his hands. It was slightly disturbing.

Prior to witnessing some questionable food safety practices, I did have a craving for a cone. However, that all went away...

P.S. What's soft serve made out of anyway? I find some better than others: Baskin Robbins is quite chemical-y, as is McDonald's. Unfortch for society, the truck ones are the best. :(


posted by Stephania at 8:27 pm
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