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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tommy Sparks'"She's Got Me Dancing"

Work has definitely not got me "dancing". Currently, I see it as a distraction, something to pass the time, pay the bills,...the definition of "a means to an end".

This doesn't apply to me personally, but I can see how others use their jobs as a way to distract them from things that aren't going so well in their lives: "the one who got away"...or that you let go, a failing relationship/marriage, the upcoming birth of a child, a newborn, a troubled adolescent, a mortgage, an illness, etc. etc. All the not-so-fun circle of life stuff that inevitably brings on that feeling of impending gloom 'n doom.

As E would put it, WHEN CAN I RETIRE?

Not retiring fully per se, but mine will come in 9.5 weeks. (And not in that Mickey Rourke sorta way either!) I should start putting red Xs, marking off each calendar day. On the bright side, I have this uncanny ability to block out bad memories in my life. And when I say "block out", I mean BLOCK OUT. Delete. Unretrievable. Black hole. Fin.

(There's gotta be at least one advantage of an abusive childhood --> adulthood, I suppose!)

It's really a shame that I don't believe in reincarnation!

Friends, don't feel sorry for me, just TAKE ME OUT!!!


posted by Stephania at 10:40 pm
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