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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Split Enz'

"One Step Ahead"

No, the batteries aren't dying, Neil is a bit off-key at the beginning of this track, but he quickly redeems himself. I can't believe that I didn't post this a coupla weeks ago when all I did was YouTube Split Enz vids the entire day!

Anyway, out of my movie collection, real & on my Mac, J pulls out the most random flick to watch...Hotel de Love (1996). Since it was a VHS copy, I obviously hadn't seen it in like forever! If you've never seen it, it's highly recommended for those who're into unconventional Romantic-Comedies.

(At the time, I was obsessed with all things Australian; well, movies & music at least. Part of this obsession had to do with my friend's Australian cousin who came to live with her for a while. He was a bit older, liked to party, was very witty, & had an accent. And even though she bitched 'n complained about him leaving dirty dishes in the sink, I had a crush on him. I'm not sure how this crush morphed into a general Australian obsession.)

During the film, I imdb'd the cast members and was happy to see that all, if not most, of them were still active in the entertainment industry.

The film also features an amazing soundtrack - half of which are artists from NZ/Australia: Tim Finn, Little River Band, Air Supply, Olivia Newton-John, & of course, The Split Enz...which was the preface for Crowded House. Btw, I *love* Crowded House!

So I thought that I'd share this gem. Even when they went through their bizarre pierrot stage, Split Enz were awesome 'cause it involved the Finn brothers.

I gtg, I have a yoga class at 10am! Why did I sign up? Sleeping in is waaay more funner! This is going to be a disaster...and not a beautiful one either...


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