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Monday, August 03, 2009


Oh, aren't we a lovely couple?...NOT!

Since I'm up anyway and found this interesting tidbit about Ed Swiderski - btw, I don't think he's Jewish, for all those who are googling/binging/whatever - was sending sessy text messages, a.k.a. "sexting" to his ex, Bethany Steffen during the taping of the show.

Sordid details from a "source" were uncovered by RadarOnline.com. According to the "source" Ed + ex broke up a mere week before shooting began for The Bachelorette. In addition, when the episode aired with Ed as the winner, his ex was in shock because she was still receiving the sexts!

I'm soo over Jill and this past season, but it'll still be interesting to see how all this unfolds.

I always had a feeling that he wasn't straight.

Update: The Bachelorette Couple are on this week's Us Weekly. 2 women have come fwd stating that Ed slept with them during/after the airing of the show. Click here to read more!


posted by Stephania at 2:46 am
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