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Friday, August 07, 2009

Passion Pit's

"I've Got Your Number" (live)

This is my 'type'. Back in my heyday, I'd constantly get asked, "What kinda guys are you into?" in which I'd rattle off a whole bunch of qualities. So why bother racking my brain, recalling specific things, when I can just play a video?

"I've Got Your Number" is on the band's '08 EP, Chunk of Change. The first 4 tracks on that EP were a Valentine's gift to the frontman, Michael Angelakos' then-gf.

Maybe I should get a ticket for their upcoming show @ the Phoenix? It's all ages, but it's not at the Sound Academy, BONUS! Potential early-bday outing? Deets here.


posted by Stephania at 12:47 pm
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