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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I miss the iPhone!

Not because I enjoy being reminded that perhaps my fingers are too fat to type on its touch screen OR paying $75/month for service, but because I'm avid about reading/writing restaurant reviews!

Nowadays, most of us are watching our wallets more cautiously than before. In addition, if your spending habits are anything like mine, most of your hard earned bucks goes towards dining in+taking out.

Eating at unfamiliar restaurants is sorta like a completely blind date - you don't know what you've signed up for &/OR paying for merchandise before you are able to actually touch it! It can be a gamble.

I dunno about you, but I don't like gambling on things I hafta ingest! Also, I don't like that feeling when you're walking out of a restaurant, with all intentions of enjoying a meal, only to have, "Well, that wasn't worth it!" run through your head.

In any event, I found the iPhone came in handy to check things such as restaurant reviews - if you're already en route. I never owned 1 myself, but D had it in SF and it came in handy...when he was able to get a connection!

With that said, I'm not willing to fork over the hefty connection fees for a data plan. Apparently, Canadians are just putting up with the charges which are the highest in the world!

Instead, I'll just plan ahead.


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