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Thursday, August 13, 2009

God's Bail Out

It's rather old timey, something perhaps that you associate with old people who are dying OR even your mother, but I believe in God. My latest 'brush' involved my finances.

For one reason or another, August is absolutely the worst month for me. The Worst. It's my year-end. Perhaps it's due to wedding/baby shower season wrapping up OR that the Ontario government chooses your bday in which to renew your license, plates, get your emissions test done, which all costs oodles of money. HAPPY BDAY! <-- You know that admin stuff is a nightmare for me!

One year, the year that I didn't work and just decided to be a stay-at-home-writer, was particularly baaad. I was starting to feel the walls cave in, but I desperately needed a haircut/feel better about myself. It was soo bad that I didn't know whether or not I had enough money in my bank account to hand over to my stylist!

This year was no exception. (Although not nearly as bad as not having enough money for a haircut!!!) When suddenly, 2 gigs came my way, plus I'm kickin' a bit of ass on eBay! I guess God isn't as random as I thought, but rather seems to have a plan - if not at least some kind of pattern.

Anyway, I watched a part of Fiddler on the Roof (1971) last night, and this musical number seemed to be a fitting soundtrack...

"Miracle of Miracles"

(Unfortch, it's not the Norm Jewison film version. The only online vids were of subpar high school productions. This one seemed the most decent.)

I remember singing this song in choir. Come to think 'bout it, we sang most of the songs. And yes, I realise that I'm the least likely fan of music theatre!

P.S. Not sure why, but the movie's very emotional for me. It's classic!


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