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Friday, August 07, 2009


With the exception of the mulberries (I need a ladder!), I like to cook with stuff I find in my garden. It's not only economical, but it's fresh. And if you don't end up using it, it'll just rot on the stem, away from eyeshot, so you don't feel guilty about wasting money. Hey, more food for the bugs 'n insects!

Anyway, they came with the house, but I have a red currant bush. (Some Eastern Europeans must've lived in this house!) They looked soo shiny and brightly coloured that I just had to look up recipes which contained currants. Here were my options: jam/jellies OR scones.

Um...no, I'm not a grandma or do I have a booth at the local farmer's market + Eww. Notice how I didn't post a photo of scones smothered in Devonshire English Double Clotted Cream or even scones with a drizzle of icing? Yeah 'cause both options would be deception!

Dunno 'bout you, but scones are GROSS. They're sorta like slightly moister, less sugary versions of biscotti (which I don't care for) OR slightly more sugary versions of those Popeye's biscuits OR slightly more flavourful than ingesting a box of baking soda. Mmm...yummers.

I guess it would make sense to serve scones with all that shit on top and spread within 'cause you need something to cover up that lack of any taste!

It also makes sense to accompany it with tea &/or coffee 'cause then you could kinda use the scone as a sponge. Hopefully you'll hafta eat just one and not at a party, surrounded by Scots.


posted by Stephania at 11:49 am
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