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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Body Found in Canada

You probably can't find a fault in the above headline, but I do. Headlines, statements, phrases such as "body found in Canada" are soo fuckin' offensive to me. It just reeks of ignorance.

For example, when Michael Jackson died, no one said, "His body was found in America". In fact, it was the polar opposite of the recent accused swimsuit model killer, Ryan Jenkins case. If memory serves me correctly, Jackson's headline was more like, "Michael Jackson's body was found in LA, in the exclusive suburb of [blank] on [specific address of house] in a house that Jackson was renting" or something to that effect. It was specific.

Certainly, the American media can be more specific than stating the name of the bloody COUNTRY in which someone "hanged" themselves. (<-- A newspaper actually used the word "hanged". I realise that English was my default major, but shouldn't it be "hung"? Is there even such a word as "hanged"?) In my opinion, it's their duty to be as specific as possible. And surely they can do better than just stating the originating country?

Back to my rant: Canada is not an address, neighbourhood, suburb, or even a state/province. Being unfamiliar with the world's second largest country is no excuse. If you don't know at least the name of the province, i.e. Canada's equivalent to America's state, go on the internet...that's what it's for!

P.S. Isn't it sorta creepy that Michael Jackson hasn't been buried yet??


posted by Stephania at 11:49 pm
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