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Friday, July 24, 2009

Tour Of (some parts of) The Universe

Dave Gahan + The Boys + I have a hot date tonight! However, it doesn't look promising.

According to internet reports, Depeche Mode cancelled a whole bunch of tour dates in mid-May. Dave Gahan was struck with "gastroenteritis" just before they took stage in Athens. In total, 16 dates were cancelled.

Taking a look at their tour schedule, the 2 dates before tonight's Toronto show were canned as well, due to a "leg injury".

Gosh, I hope he's not on those speedballs again! This has 'MJ' written all over it...with a different drug of choice.

J - check the sch'd before we head out tonight. If the concert's actually "postponed", we'll just check out Toronto's "temporary" dump sites, 'k? How does that sound for a hot date?


posted by Stephania at 1:48 am
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