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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Someone Else's Sueño

[Now Playing: Pino Donaggio's "Body Double" off Colette Nº9. The perfect accompaniment to this post!]

Whenever I feel icky or just a bit restless, I drive up this windy road to the city's most elusive area. Yup, my city has one of those as I think every major city should! After all, we all need something to aspire to, non?

And besides, seeing such over-the-top display of opulence is a helluva lot more uplifting than the same fuckin' cookie cutter houses plopped right beside each other OR ramshackle, boarded up crack houses.

Upon a recent-ish trip, I spotted the Mi Sueño mansion. The name was engraved on a slab of marble right in front of the impressive property!

I remember my exact reaction, "This is the fuckin' house from SCARFACE!" Keep in mind that I'm not a Gino, so I do not have the movie memorised, line by line, frame by frame, but it just looked like something out of a movie set. With that said, the owner has not accepted any requests for movie crews to film inside!

Spotting the $7.9 million price tag - it was initially listed at a cool $10 mil - brought to mind the question: Who owns Mi Sueño? Whomever it is, I definitely smell New Money!!!

New Money or not, it's definitely an architectural gem: Everything is curved. And everything inside from the tiles, lighting, to what's on the walls were hand selected from all over the world.

After some digging, I discovered the owner of this 10 000 square foot estate is Tony Gigliotti. I know what you're thinking, but he's not Italian, but rather a self-made millionaire from Argentina. What drugs are native to Argentina? I'm kiddin'!

Anyway, I hope that Gigliotti is not desperate as I can imagine this being a tough sell!

Click here for Toro's article which includes more photos and here for the (old) listing, including a 360 video tour!

P.S. I hate dealing with contracts 'n crap like that, but should I go into real estate?


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