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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boyfriend Anything Makes Me Look Like...well...err...A Boyfriend!

First, cutting my head off in photos makes it easier for me to post pics. I didn't use to be camera-shy, but I think seeing 1 too many self-takes of others on Facebook caused me to shy away. I do not want to be mistaken for 1 of those people! Don't they feel ridiculous? Moving on...

I realised that Boyfriend + any article of clothing = me looking ridiculous! The moment of truth came when D asked me to go dress shopping with her. (Btw, it's pretty difficult to find a nice dress!) I had just gotten my haircut (short!), felt good 'bout it, and was ready to re-position my stylist self!

So we're in the fitting rooms at BCBG when the salesgirl compliments me on my hair. It was still 'fresh', so it was good to hear some reassurance. After she left and D was in the fitting room, I was surrounded by nothing but mirrors. 360 degrees.

I was wearing this sleeveless orange hoodie, Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans (above), and I can't remember the footwear of choice that day. I'm sure that the lighting and mirrors were all amped up to be complimentary, but no complimentary thoughts came to my head about how I looked.

Anyway, it was at this very point that I decided that Boyfriend Jeans/Blazers/Dress Shirts or whatever look the retail stores are currently pushing aren't pour moi! I haven't actually tried on the latters, but I'm jumping to conclusions - knowing my body.

I wished that I had inherited more of my dad's China-side, i.e. taller and more limby, but unfortch I was handed down my mom's Canto-side, i.e. shorter and "strong, like bull", wider rib cage. Thanks Mom! ;)

So if you can make it work, I say GREAT! Otherwise, I think this look is relegated to limby, skinny minny peeps. Not necessarily tall, but I'd say well proportioned is key.

P.S. My Current/Elliott's are going back on eBay! They'll be difficult to get rid of 'cause they are very soft and comfortable, but I don't need 'em. I hope that the trend hasn't passed that much to where I can't recoup any of my losses.

striped dress shirt (fitted) top: Agnes B
beaded orange belt: vintage
boyfriend jeans: Current/Elliott in Super Love Destroyed (also too hole-y for my liking)
gold heels: vintage Gucci (& YES, that's how my legs look with heels!!! See what I mean?)


posted by Stephania at 4:01 pm
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