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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bachelorette - After The Final Rose
Snoozefest Grandioso!

These pics are some kinda proof that these foolios are still together...come the airing of the finalé! Like c'mon, how much time has passed? A coupla months, maybe?

I'm speaking out of anger 'cause Jillian choose a complete douche and not Reid, but honestly, how difficult is it to stay in a sham of a relationship? Many shams I know just end up getting married.

(I don't see this relationship lasting. Btw Jill, stylist's day off?)

Anyway, tonight's ATFR started off with an update with Melissa Rycroft. Great. Awesome. Next!

Kiptyn's brought on. More of the same 'cept this time he actually quips with Jill, showing some life! (He may not be a zombie after all.) Their meeting is very diplomatic and very boring!

Next, my favourite bachelor (& audience fav!) this season, Reid is brought out. Clips of his embarrassing rejection are shown to the (studio) audience. From the inset, it's obvious that it's all still pretty fresh for Reid. I dig the facial expressions!

(If J's right and all the
se contestants people are just aspiring actors, then Reid, by far, was the best one; as his feelings are the most believable.)

Reid admits to being indecisive in life, especially in relationships. He explains that his pulling "a million strings" included making multiple calls to the producers, to prove his sincerity, and buying a ring..although "not the best" ring. <-- Insert BIG audience "Aww" here. He truly believed that it was a "slam dunk" and that Jill was going to accept his proposal.

Reid still feels as though a big part of his life is missing, i.e. "the love of his life". He still loves her, but it's only been a coupla months. Give it time, it'll eventually just fade out, bud!

Reid's reunited with Jill, who says that she's "nervous". (I say it's a mix of nerves + bad acting.) Reid's mentality is that Jill made her decision and that he's got to accept it. Reid keeps his eyes locked on Jill throughout the whole time. He jokes that he had a question about the "Fantasy Suite", re: Ed's case of e.d. which we find out later has apparently been resolved.

From the audience, a gushing, young Jewish (??) girl asks Reid if he's started dating yet...and whether or not he'd go out on a date with her. He says that it's "too early" and that he needs time.

Ffwd to: Jill talking about her rship w/ Ed, Jill + Ed are reunited - now they can go "public", they gush over each other (*puke*), talk more about their rship, have spent the majority of the last coupla months together, have "real life plans" this Summer, Jill's moving into Ed's in September, & they're planning to marry within the "next 12 months". We'll see about that!

SNOOZE. Producers: Certainly you could have drummed up something more dramatic than this tripe??!!

An audience member asks if there are anymore "problems in the bedroom". Jill jokes about how the only problem is how they "can't get enough" of the bedroom. Har har har.

NO NAME FOR THE NEXT BACHELOR IS ANNOUNCED. Chris Harrison just said to go onto the website to vote. I think I found the website, but there's no "voting", only online applications, so click here if you want to be included in these reality shenanigans!!!

Since my spoilers were off, perhaps Kiptyn won't be the next Bachelor after all?


posted by Stephania at 10:28 pm
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