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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I don't deal in fakes - merch+people - unless I'm unaware that they're fake. And when I find out, I'm disgusted/disappointed at myself for my lapse in judgment, and I get rid of them ASAP.

That's sorta the case for 2 pairs of vintage Nikes. I bought them 'cause I thought they looked cool. Then, I looked them up on eBay and discovered that they're worth approx. $400 a piece!

Or should I say "were", as in were worth $400. Let's just say that I have good reason to believe that at least 1 pair are fake. And if 1 pair are fake, they're probably both fakes since they were purchased at the same time.

When they were originally listed numerous people were offering to buy them off me for $60. (At the time, I was offended, sending responses like, "I wasn't born yesterday!" and "Are you kiddin' me? These shoes are worth $400!". So since there's a market for fakes, I decided to list them at a Buy It Now price of $60 with very reasonable shipping rates. I'm always reasonable.

Today, I received this message: Can you guaranteed their authenticity?

r u 4 realz? I'm asking $60 for limited edition Nikes that are worth $400 and I'm Chinese. You do the math!

Btw, through this experience, I realised that I'm no sneakerhead.


posted by Stephania at 4:11 pm
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