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Monday, April 06, 2009

Period Poutine: Part III

[Now Playing: Galaxie 911 - that '80s music channel that comes with your satellite tv. I heard somewhere that surrounding yourself with familiar sounds helps you to write!]

I was finally well enough for my food comeback! Luckily for my appetite, I was also PMS'g.

My cravings during this 'time of the month' alternate between poutine - burritos. Neither of which are particularly good for me. It's okay, once in a while won't kill me.

(Aside: I don't weigh myself, but my stomach has shrank considerably! So I've unlocked the key to weight-loss: Having no taste buds. Come to think of it, my friend who has no palate is quite thin, further proving my theory. Scientists would make a lot of money if they can create a pill that numbs your buds.)

Anyway, trapped in suburban hell, I found myself at Costco for my first outing after getting sick. How fitting. So what better time to check out their poutine?

Here's my verdict...

Fries: The fries were not of the fresh-cut variety. (What do you expect? It's a warehouse.) I call 'em "tempura style". I don't like these fries 'cause they're sorta pointless - unless of course, the coating is flavoured, i.e. spicy fries!

Cheese: The cheese, albeit chunky, weren't curds as French-Canadians know it 'cause they lacked the squeak. It must've been taken straight outta the fridge 'cause I noticed that the cheese was COLD. <-- not good as fresh curds are usually kept room temperature before usage. Oh, and it also tasted like pieces of butter.

Gravy: Reddish in colour. Reminded me of Chalet sauce with those weird spices. Not enough of it, but I didn't mind as I don't like Chalet sauce.

So my search for the perfect period poutine still continues...


posted by Stephania at 12:18 pm
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