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Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Form of Exercise!

Through older cousins, I was able to catch some of the 'Pogo stick wave'. (Once they grew out of it, me & my sibs got their hand-me-down Pogo stick made out of metal/spring coil.) And of course, the Pogo Ball was extremely popular in the '80s!

I have no idea who does this, but strapping on these jumping/running stilts, then doing back/front flips is known as Powerbocking or Powerizing. (Apparently, it's a European fad, but from video clips on the 'net, it just looks like suburban kids from the States are the main consumers.) I guess doing it in some choreographed way to music warrants a 'performance' then.

However, a warning to all you parents, I would strongly advise against buying these for your children! Have you seen the YouTube clips out there? They make those homemade skateboarding vids look like bocce ball! And similar to figure skating, those flips aren't landed 100% of the time.

Since I have no background in gymnastics, I'd just go jogging through my 'hood while my neighbours look on with a mix of envy/"That girl's a freak!". As I'm lazy, find the treadmill dull, and like the free feeling of bouncin' 'round, I think this Powerbocking thing would be fun.

Anyway, I'm thinking of trading in my Louboutins for these things!


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