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Saturday, April 18, 2009

*** repost ***

(Back by popular demand.)

I was driving behind a van with this symbol stuck to the back and I thought to myself, "Hmm...I don't think I should drive behind him!" -->

It wasn't one of those Short Buses/Wheel-Trans, but like someone's minivan.

In what instances is being handicap + a driver a safe thing - for anyone on the road OR sidewalk for that matter??

* Amputee - How about if the prosthetic falls off and hits the gas by accident?
* Legally Blind - I would say that vision is pretty vital part of driving!
* Narcolepsy/other seizure-related conditions - Sleeping or throttling about, uncontrollably contradicts operating a motorised vehicle, safely.
* Someone in a wheelchair - I'm not a medical professional or anything, but doesn't using a wheelchair mean that you have lost the use of 1, if not both of your legs? If so, then how can you possibly drive - unless your car's KITT!
* Mentally Incapacitated - It's been years since I've read that Driver's Manual, but I'm pretty sure that you need to be of sound mind as you sorta need to be able to make decisions...and sometimes quickly.

I don't want to sound discriminatory or whatever, I realise that Re-Res need a mode of transportation too, but I just don't think it's the safest thing if they're behind the wheel!

Call me crazy.


posted by Stephania at 9:33 pm
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