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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fake DVD Girl

The girl who runs the nearby fake DVD stall is absolutely hilarious! She's early-mid 20s and reminds me of my friend from mainland (China). Here's some of the stuff she said...

Convo #1
FAKE DVD GIRL (FDG) is eating noodles out of a Tupperware.

Customer #1: Is this good quality?

FDG: No good.

FDG goes back to eating her noodles.

Convo #2
Customer #2: Is this Blu-ray?

FDG: All fake DVDs...cheap quality!

Convo #3
Federal Canadian agents from an unknown department walk by.

Customer #3 (making eye contact with FDG): Scary!

FDG: No scary. They buy movies from me!

Dang! I keep saying this, but I really need to buy a new phone w/ a camera in order to capture these slices of life.

Next time I see her I'll ask her if she wants to be friends. :)

Ignorant question: Aside from taking money away from the entertainment industry, why is it bad to buy pirated DVDs?

I'm not quite sure I get the connection between this and human trafficking - or whatever the reason it's frowned upon.


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