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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Handicap Parking Spot *

As I pulled into the smallest, yet packed paid parking lot, I spot an SUV in my rearview mirror. The driver proceeds to stop, reverse, and head towards the other end of the lengthwise lot.

Damn. She saw an empty spot. Where the hell was I supposed to park?

As luck would have it, my side of the parking lot is full. I put Black Bitch into R and reverse all the way to the other end.

Finally, I make my own damn spot out of a legit spot that isn't properly plowed. My car is on a tilt. I had no choice.

As I approach the meter, I see the SUV Driver step down from her gas guzzler. She parked in the handicap parking spot.

Smoke starts to come outta my ears.

"FUCK YOU!!!", I exclaim, initially a bit meek.

"Excuse me??!!, says the SUV Driver, as she heads towards the passenger side of her car.

"You heard me! FUCK YOU. Just because the lot's full, doesn't mean that you can park in a poor handicap spot!", gaining courage. I felt more justified as the words came out of my mouth.

As I noticed her reach into her car to help a smaller figure out of her car, I continued, "Oh, and if it doesn't get worse, you hafta get your kid involved...what kinda exam...??!!"

The SUV Driver flashes me a look of disgust. She shakes her head and refocuses her attention onto the passenger.

Before a small foot could step down from the oversized vehicle, the tip of a white walking stick peeks out. The SUV Driver continues to help a frail looking 8-year old girl out of the car. The Driver further helps the girl by removing a skimpy backpack with 'Cancer Research' written in large font on it.


* a work of fiction, with many non-fiction elements


posted by Stephania at 8:36 pm
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