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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

20 Fingers feat. Gillette's
"Short Dick Man"

Lessons in Online Dating #2: Height/Dick Ratio

The worst things you can say about a guy is to either criticise the size of his dick &/or skills in the bedroom.

That being said, this post is in no way some childish *poke* at any of my past dates. ;) Just purely my observations. That's all. Remember, I'm a lady.

I'm also in no way, shape, or form a slut, and I wanted to make this statement before I proceed...

Now, the thing that surprised me the most out of all this dating stuff is that there is absolutely no way to gauge the size of a man's peen without actually seeing it with thine own eyes. NO WAY. Not by his height, size of hands, feet, race, etc. etc.

(Note: I never had a chance to date either Chocolate or fellow Yellow Bruthas. Maybe next time 'round?)

In fact, a coupla of my taller dates had the smallest peens that I have ever seen!

Unfortch, through my experience, small peens does = not good in bed.

So sorry single ladies to make things even harder for you all! :( I know it's rough out there.


posted by Stephania at 12:03 am
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