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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight: Emo Vampires

Call it "on my period", but I really liked Twilight.

Perhaps it's because of the fanbase that's associated with the book-turned-movie, but I didn't want to like it. That plus multiple failed attempts to go see it (jam-packed parking lots), reading a few lacklustre reviews (critics don't tend to like horror anyway), and believing the "hype" (hey, I like vampires!).

Granted, I didn't read the Stephanie Meyer novels, so I don't know how true it remains to the source. However, I know that movies are good when they temporarily whisk you away; like how Edward (Robert Pattinson) did with Bella (Kristen Stewart) when he took her to that abandoned room with a grand piano and played her some classical (DeBussy?) tune on it. <-- That was a bit much!

Despite a few scenes fromageux and just accepting that Edward & Bella are drawn together for reasons unknown, Twilight is a refreshing take on the modern-day vampire movie. Although it could've easily taken that route, it's not a horror, but more of a drama/romance/fantasy/action.

Director Catherine Hardwicke's (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown) vampires have emotions. Edward always seemed to be on the verge of tears when in the throws of his moral conundrum. At times, his instability was laughable, but I just had to remind myself that he's a Renaissance Man - not of this day 'n age - who was more in touch with his feelings.

These emo vampires also had consciences by warning their potential prey, ratting on each other, attending school, & surprisingly avoiding sex as well.

(One website said that Meyer is a Mormon and doesn't want to promote premarital sex which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just unusual not to have it in a vampire flick, a teen vampire flick!)

It's a tricky thing to do when straying away from a well-known genre such as the vampire movie. Audience goers have to be reprogrammed to accept the new conventions. Of course it also helped that none of these teens, especially the vampires were glammed up and that the actors were virtual unknowns.

(They only actor I was familiar with was Stewart who I recognised as the "kid from the Panic Room".)

So if you cannot be reprogrammed &/or haven't read a single review, expecting deliberate seduction, followed by lotsa senseless human slaughter, and a female love interest whose humanity is actually at stake, then you won't like Twilight.

Otherwise, it may even inspire you to read the books. <-- That would be really extreme for me!


posted by Stephania at 11:30 pm
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