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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Hellz NO!

I'm almost positive that this was somewhere in "America", but I actually saw patent, coloured Doc Marten Boots at some seemingly hip shoe store. (NO, this flashback wasn't from the '90s!) And if I saw 'em there, that means that someone, i.e. a buyer, forecasted this to be a trend. And if this is a trend in the States, it's no time before this fug hits a shelf in CanaDAHHH...

I was in such disbelief of these 8-hole boots that I had to do a double-take.

If there is legitimate reason then fine, I don't have a problem. However, when younger generation gets a hold of them, don't realise that they're recycled, & runs with it, therein lies my problem.

Back to the Docs...I don't care if this shit is from England, but they're NAAASTY. I never understood the whole hype 'bout these boots. "Soo comfortable" doesn't exactly come to mind when I'm wearing a fuckin' cement blocks on my feet!

What's next? Polka dotted tops, acid wash jeans, clothes worn backwards??!!


posted by Stephania at 8:18 pm
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