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Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween 2008 Movies*

I used to luv Halloween. Reasons: free candy, costumes, & staying up (with my sis) to watch horror movies on tv while we ate the free candy then subsequently got sick. Okay, I didn't like that part.

Now, I don't look fwd to it as much. Reasons: no free candy, grown-ups in skanky costumes, & absolutely nothing in the vein of Halloween on tv. (Showcase used to have "Halloweek", horror films that they played a week prior to All Hallows Eve. However, this was before they sucked!) Just as well, I suppose, as I find it difficult to watch movies on the tube!

Anyway, I've taken it upon myself to compile a list of horror-ish movies that'll be released this season. Hopefully, they're accurate.

This should keep my spirits up this season!

October 24th
Fear(s) of the Dark

Limited release. It's French and Charles Burns (as in Black Hole-Charles Burns) is one of the directors/writers.

Let The Right One In

Limited again. Don't mean to come off as artsy. Swedish. I'm soo out of it, but apparently it's opening the Toronto After Dark Festival. Or maybe it already openeD.

Saw V

No need intro. Lionsgate's cash cow. P.S. For me, apathy set in after Saw II. Pass.

October 31st (Halloween!)

The Haunting of Molly Hartley

First thought: Carrie.

Second thought: This chick's not very attractive, but it's not porn so it's okay, I guess.


Another limited. Looks low-b, but promising. Not too much about this flick on the 'net, so here's the imdb link. Directed/cowritten by some guy named Toby Wilkins.

Trick 'r Treat

Wide release, I'm almost sure. Looks slick...'n spooky! Imdb here.

Sadly, the majority of us movie-goers will not even be able to watch half of these titles. It seems as though the only wide-releases are Molly Hartley & of course, Saw V. :(

And not exactly Halloween, but contains vampires: Twilight is opening November 21st.


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