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Friday, September 26, 2008

Kenny G's


Earlier on, when I had cramps from hell - yeah, I'm not pregnant! - this ditty came to mind. Like Calgon, it took me away...

Although "Songbird" doesn't appear on Breathless (1992), i.e. what I'd be if I even attempted to blow a note outta any brass/wind instrument, I still have a copy of this gem courtesy of Columbia House.

Contrary to their unsolicited mail, that shit was NOT 1 penny/CD!

I think it worked out to the equivalent of buying from a store...but Xs 10 'cause that was like the minimum order or something. Keep in mind that this was all before downloading.

If you really must know, Breathless remains in my CD collection for sexy times. It's either that, Mariah Carey's Butterfly, or Depeche Mode-anything, for those "darker" sessions.

Sax attack!


posted by Stephania at 1:59 am
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