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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ex,
A Photo Journal

Potpourri, Wonderland with a midway, a fair is the best way to describe The Ex.
There were animals at The Farm: Llamas, cows, chickens, etc.Also at The Farm was a wall of these portraits. Apparently, they were all candidates for "Fair Ambassador". Save for the overdone, fusilli curls, this chick's actually decent.I don't care what anyone says, but whenever there are pics lined up like this, it always becomes a beauty contest.Double-click to enlarge + to see what smalltown that they're from.Gender-neutrality makes me feel uncomfortable.I have no clue how to qualify to become a contestant.It's nice to know that in addition to accepting transgendered, that the judging committee also doesn't sexually discriminate.After The Farm, I went to a Cat Show. She about sums up the type of people who were there. You can't see it, but there's a pin on her tit that reads, "Milk Gives".More "cat people", i.e. middle-aged, Caucasian women who care little about personal hygiene or fashion sense.I wanted one of these sweatshirts, but they were like 20 bucks AND they didn't have a Persian one.Here's snake oil salesman Vincent's sister.After the Food Building (which blew my mind!), me & D also shared 3 dozen Tiny Tom donuts. I ate them the next day and they were rock hard!See you next year!

P.S. Contrary to your website, parking is NOT $10, but $20!!! Due to the misrepresentation, I'd rather park at on someone who's pimping out their lawn for $10...located just south, within walking distance.


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