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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rimmel's Volume Flash Mascara

I know, I know that this is like a $5 mascara, but I just thought that I'd let all you women - especially us Asians - know what I think 'bout it.

And it's not very good.

I'm a true bargain shopper, even when it comes to $5 mascara, I'll read reviews before I buy anything! This one was supposed to be good, but aside from coating my lashes in black goo, there is little to no volumising goin' on.

One positive tho' is that it doesn't smudge. This is relatively impressive as I have oily lids.

I also find the formulation slightly on the heavy side as after I curl my lashes with my shu, they'll droop down.

I guess the definition of whether or not it's a good mascara also depends on what you're looking for. It you don't wanna be noticed and go for the "natural look", then perhaps you'll like this.

However, I'm more the unnatural, doll/drag queen-type gal, so I'm more than happy with L'Oréal's Voluminous.

posted by Stephania at 1:25 pm
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