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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stiletto Shopping, Anyone?
(for J)

After weeks of feeling restless, unsettled anxiety, I finally figured out what was missing in my life...a new pair of stilettos! Or is it stiletti?

Sure I kinda feel like a little girl playing dress-up (at first) and they're bad for the feet, but now's the time to wear 'em, i.e. before squeezing out any ALFs and the body morphing into a beanbag with a face!

(Btw, I'm dead-set against this happening.)

In addition to lengthening and slimming the legs, walking in high heels always lifts the spirits as well. At least it does for me. So unless the feet are numb from pain and the blisters have burst with blood, the sun will always be shining.

Sugar Daddies/Internet Stalkers, I'm a 5.5US/35.5EU. No Payless. Preferably leather w/ leather soles, made in either Spain/Brazil/Italy. Patent okay. Hand sewn by exploited children - okay. Please include store receipt in case they are not to my satisfaction. Air kisses!

* The pic above was ripped off eBay. These frickin' Louboutins are 5" tall. (Most you-know-whats only hope for that length!) I would say that these would be utterly impossible to walk in - let alone stand on, especially considering the thinness of the heel. Killers!

posted by Stephania at 11:09 pm
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