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Monday, September 24, 2007

I would kill myself.

If I was Meg White. Had 'acute anxiety'. And there was a sex tape of me circulating on the internet.


Deny, deny, deny.


Sue. I'm assuming that there are legal grounds for suing someone for recording you without your consent...right?

Then again, unless that's a hotel room in some third world country, buddy doesn't look like he's made outta money. =( Crappers. Meg prolly has more money than his broke ass!

Dear All The Sexually Active Women in the World: When will you ever learn? When a lover asks if he can tape an extremely intimate sexion, the answer is always, "No". I don't care how cute he is, how much you trust him, how big the puppy dog eyes get, or if the manchild starts begging, even weeping.

Take Meg's possible sex tape as a lesson. I'd write a book, but it would simply consist of a few sentences of which I've already duly noted above.

Btw, this is not directed at All The Sexually Active Men in the World 'cause it's every man's wetdream to be in a porn - be it on the 'net or otherwise, reveal some bizarre fetish, even if it's with a really fugly, fat chick <-- a fetish of sorts. Let's just say guys 'think' differently.

NSFW!: If you must see for your own eyes, click here.


posted by Stephania at 11:51 am
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