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Thursday, September 06, 2007

TIFF '07: Day 1

1. Dunno if I'll ever get used to a PC again. I cannot fix this formatting for the life of me! If I'm anal enough to remember, I'll fix it once I get home.

2. My pass actually does get me into some things. P&I screenings. Rush only.

3. May the celeb count begin! First, Michael Moore. He's in-town to promote:
CAPTAIN MIKE ACROSS AMERICA. Dunno why, but he was descending an escalator and when I saw him from below, i.e. 'round his chin area, I thought to myself, "Hey, there's Roger Ebert!"

4. I refuse to pay for coffee &/or tea. Ever. Well, at least for the duration of the Festival. I found out where the Starbucks booths are and will use them to the utmost. Also got in good with 1 particular barista. Her name is "Amy". She thinks that everyone who stops by is "important". If only she knew...

5. May the freebie count begin! Canadian Music Cafe CD...from '06. Found this out, after the fact. Oh well, at least Champion's "No Heaven" is on it.

6. Ginger is my new bff. It's $2.25 for a Viet sub. Since most of my meals aren't covered, I'm going ghetto. Whatelse is new?

7. Had li'l over an hour to kill. Decide at the last minute to catch a P&I of whatever film was playing at the nearest theatre. The theatre rep wasn't too thrilled with the idea. In fact, she kinda gave me attitude with a, "You mean you don't know what movie you want to see??" Ended up at Brillante Mendoza's SLINGSHOT. Stayed for about an hour before I had to leave.

8a. There are waaay too many volunteers, b) volunteers should be at least able to speak & understand the English language.

9. Was reminded that as long as you have a lanyard 'round your neck, wear sunglasses, and walk with a purpose, you can get away with just about anything!

10. TIFF's sorta like Summer Camp. If you've been attending for any number of years, you're bound to run into people you know!

11. Gotta eat more vegetables! Feelin' as though I have been on the "Festival Diet" for days now. Not good. Must steer clear from bread, rice, pasta, and possibly even meat.

12. While I was in a meeting, I received a txt that a source had an extra ticket for tonight's World Premiere of Dario Argento's MOTHER OF TEARS!!! By the time I txt back, the ticket was gone. =(

13. Found out at meeting that some clients will be "high maintenance". Got off on that. Confirmed: I may be into S&M.

14. Finally arrived home. Checked email. Another source emailed me saying that he may have tix to MOTHER OF TEARS. I called him and it's all systems go! May the movie count being: 3/4 + 1 at the Witching Hour.

15. Hopefully there won't be any fags fighting in front of my building in the wee hours, forcing me to hide in the bushes - in near tears, while I try in vain to contact my sis/bro-in-law, and end up running in when one of the fags steps away from the doorstep!!! Re: last year.

Yeah, I'm alive mothereffers!!!


posted by Stephania at 9:41 pm
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