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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day 1: Markham

Yesterday, I wrote down a log of the things I did, but I decided against publishing it. It bored me to do it, so I'm sure that it would bore you to read it.

My friends and I took a "road trip" to Markham - about 45 minutes away. A coupla weeks ago, my friend, B who lives there came here to hang out w/ me. We were talking about how each GTA city seems to have their own identity, so I decided to visit him!

Markham is known for its all-you-can-eat / buffets - apparently there's a difference - sushi / Korean BBQ / hot pot / etc. restaurants. There's also a high concentration of Asians, in particular Chinese immigrants.

I'm not one of those Asian people who hangs out exclusively w/ other Asians or am I much of a participant in all-you-can-gorge fests, but I thought a trek to another city would be like a day-long getaway!

And it was. As I felt slightly out-of-place as I do when I travel to foreign lands.

I asked B if Markham was the GTA city that's most resembled Hong Kong and he said, "No, that would be Richmond Hill."

Click onto my flickr link, located on the right menu, to read the accompanying comments for these pics.

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