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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Channel 4's"Embarrassing Bodies"
Warning NSFW/H: Full frontal nudity for both men & women, but not porn.

I've said this once before and I'll say it again:  Canadian television programming SUCKS.  And no, I do not watch Murdoch MysteriesBomb Girls, Degrassi (back in da day, but no next gen stuff), Corner Gas, etc.  I may catch the odd W5/Passionate Eye/Fifth Estate, but that's only when there's no 48 Hours/Dateline to be found.

And since there doesn't seem to be much on the US Networks now either, especially during the week, I am turning to the Brits for some respite from this bone chiller of a Winter!  Enter Channel 4 to the rescue...

Aside from The Undateables, Channel 4 also features shows such as Bodyshock (people with fucked up genetic conditions), Jewish Mum of the Year (reality show contest), and Embarrassing Bodies.  One of the hosts of Embarrassing Bodies is Dr. Christian who also hosts Supersize vs Superskinny, also on Channel 4.

I've watched a coupla eps and so far, I've seen a young man with manboobs (tame), a granny who had first gen breast implants that ruptured and resembled rustic bagels, a man with dark moles on his penis (he seemed ashamed about this normal condition), and a young mum who had an incontinence (hardcore!), etc.  And with each case, Channel 4 took you there, even with the vaginal examination for the last woman!

This stuff would NEVER be broadcasted here.  Maybe that's why our tv sucks so bad.  :P  

Whatever happened to shows like the old school Degrassi, SCTV, Breaker High, & Ready Or Not??


posted by Stephania at 10:25 pm
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