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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not Hot Bitch of the Day:
Scott / Scotty T / Scott Timlin 
from Geordie Shore

Scotty T is not on my Not Hot Bitch list 'cause I don't find blonds attractive, but he's just...there.  Most women would find someone who's 6'+, muscular, blue-eyed, blond, coiffed hair, and apparently very well hung = good lookin', but he just does nothing for my other pair of lips.

In fact, I sorta find him/his persona sociopathic, lacking substance.  Obviously, the eps are heavily edited, but at least in Season 6 (Australia), he is "pullin'" +  "bangin'" a different "bird" each and every night.  

In addition to that, when he's not getting his way, he smashes up the house in a drunken fit, and hasn't been reprimanded...yet.  That's basically the extent of his character on the show.

Anyway, Scotty T definitely proves that sometimes, looks aren't everything...


posted by Stephania at 11:24 am
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