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Friday, May 17, 2013

Pharrell feat. Jay-Z's
I was listening to the new Daft Punk yesterday and it reminded me of Pharrell's sexiness.  How could I forget?? 

BLACK DON'T CRACK!!!  Dude's the real vampire 'cause he hasn't aged.  He's 40 YEARS OLD...and has a kid.  

He credits his fountain of youth to genetics + washing his face, regularly, with cold water + Cetaphil (paraben city!).

Aside:  I've seen these type of guys in action, at a party, and usually they have small penises.  (I can detect big cocks, and those dudes are usually quieter, minding their own business, towards the outskirts of the party.)  However, I'm wondering if anyone has created an overly confident female character who openly flirt with men and act as if everyone wants her.  When I have seen women act this way, they're usually lesbians...of the butch variety. 


posted by Stephania at 4:13 pm
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