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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Crying OR
Just Sayin' A Prayer??

...and I thought that the Hasidic man who was wearing a translucent shower cap over his fedora, in fear of getting it wet, on a rainy night, on a NYC subway, was funny!  This image above just takes the cake.

Apparently the man pictured in a glorified dry cleaning bag did so 'cause he's Kohein, re:  some sort of Orthodox Jew who can't fly over cemeteries.  So to remedy the sitch, he had his buddy wrap him in plastic during a flight out of Tel Aviv.

I guess the guy beside him isn't Kohein OR if he is, he's gonna be damned for life (and beyond)??  Read the story here via the Daily Mail.

As per what one of the comments said, wearing a plastic bag in the name of religion is probably better than a suicide vest.


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